Create Quick Quote

Create Quick Quote

Create Quick Quote

Quick Quotes are managed in the Quick Quote tab.

1. Click on the Quick Quote tab

2. Write the name you wish the Quick Quote should have
3. Click on Create

After the creation its time to add Products to your Quick Quote.
4. In the Quick Quote section, find the name of the Quick Quote you just created, and click on it.
Note: The mouse curser will turn into a hand when you hover over the Quick Quote name.

In the Quick Quote, you should see that it currently doesn't containt any products.

5. In the "Find product to add to Quick Quote" area write the product name (it must match excatly).
6. Click on search

If the product is found, it will now been shown.
7. Add how many of the product you wish to add
8. Click on the + to save the product to the Quick Quote

If you want to associate multiple products to a Quick Quote, search for the next Product and add it to the Quick Quote.
Continue this operation, untill all products have been added to the Quick Quote
You have now completed the setup of the Quick Quote.